Back office

Alfa Solutions

Is an Albanian company with a competence of IT enabled services that incorporates BPO services, Call Center services, accounting services and back office services.

Accountancy & bookkeeping

There are core accounting functions and allied back office support functions and both can be outsourced to us. We use or hire experts to execute the tasks.
Most of the organizations widely outsource their accounting and financial operations to BPO companies, in order to save both operational costs and capital expenditure.
In accounting and financial outsourcing, we promise for confidentiality, data security, risk management, governance and improved efficiency.

Data collection & processing

We provide timely and accurate offshore data processing services as an assortment of data collection and entry, computer or electronic data processing, data conversion – classification and validation, analytics and presentation of that data in a visual, tabular or textual format, for your company to glean business insights. We leverage advanced tools and highly experienced in-house teams to process data with the highest accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates for a variety of industries and companies. Our data processing solutions enable companies with a more efficient method of retrieving information, while also safeguarding the data from loss or damage.

Revenue Management & Protection

Sophisticated systems have been designed that optimally support these processes. The future will bring a closer integration of revenue management and pricing systems. Imagine the benefit of forecasts that trigger automatic changes, or using price-elasticity models to maximize revenue automatically on specific segments.

Incoming/outgoing invoice processing & management

The whole process needs to be completed with high accuracy and at a short span of time. Our team is well training in handling the process and we have been trained in using various industry specific software.
Our methodology is unique. We involve subject matter experts (SME) and learn the methodology from the client to offer offshore services. The client will never feel the difference of an outsourced operation as we acquire domain knowledge, Industry specific practices and understand country specific rules.