CALL Center

Alfa Solutions

Is an Albanian company with a competence of IT enabled services that incorporates BPO services, Call Center services, accounting services and back office services.

Inbound support/inbound sales

Alfa has been one of the leading inbound call center outsourcing service providers to global clients. The inbound service includes providing technical calls support, non-technical support, oreder taking services, inbound sales, costumer services, helpdesk solutions etc.

Outbound support

Outbound support refers to calling out people who tried to reach the client through inbound,email or chat. These are different from cold calling or telemarketing calls. It helps to reach out customers whom we fail to service or requested for call backs or enquired through email or chat for a call back.This type of services can be used to convey special instructions, offers,deals,reminders,surveys,data collection etc.

Technical support

We at Alfa offer customised technical support functions for software,electronic gadgets,electronic products,special equipments etc. Our training department takes the formal training from the client and the same will be imparted to the team to provide support. Our services are customised to cater to var ious time zones,languages and skills. The technical support functions can be offered through call centre, email support and chat support . There are new opportunities to sell add on products and services through the technical support function.

Chat and email support

Responding to emails received is crucial for any business,especially these days where email has become a major communication medium. Large organizations receive loads of emails daily and responding to each one of them becomes a tedious process for them and so such companies started to outsource their Email support to BPO companies. It's becoming inevitable to address queries of online customers as businesses are inclining towards online mode. Chat support creates opportunity to answer customer's questions instantly while they are browsing,facilitate their online experience for smoother navigation and grab them from dropping out. The chats can be either solving a product or service related query or request for a call back or selling a product or service. We offer Chat support service to handle such process.