Data Entry

Alfa Solutions

Is an Albanian company with a competence of IT enabled services that incorporates BPO services, Call Center services, accounting services and back office services.

eCommerce Data Entry Services

Alfa will provide robust support to your eCommerce business with our Product Data Entry and Bulk Product Data Upload Services. Our well-trained professionals are capable of completing data entry for large volumes of products, within a short turnaround time. By employing our cost-effective services, your eCommerce store will display the most up-to-date, unique and relevant information for all products, which will create a positive impression in the minds of shoppers and persuade them to proceed to checkout.

Data Mining Services

Data mining is primarily used by companies with a strong consumer focus especially the retail, financial,communication, and marketing organizations. It enables the companies to determine relationships among the "internal" factors like price, product positioning, or staff skills and other "external" factors such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics.This enables them to determine its impact on sales,customer satisfaction,and on corporate profits. By data mining companies can understand about historical patterns and future trends.For example,summary information on retail supermarket sales can be analyzed in the light of promotional efforts to provide knowledge of consumer buying behavior.

Data Processing Service

The data can be processed either manually or automatically. Typically a call centre which is generating data by way of calling can process data manually because of low data volume however if the data is generated through online or any other medium requires automated systems for data processing.
There are automated tools available which process the data as per the requirement and processed data can be used for analysis and further action. We specialize in all 3 formats of data processing activities. The data plays a pivotal role in the success of all new age online businesses. They process the data to target audience,product,gender,country etc.

Data Conversion

We provide wide range of data conversion services.The data conversion is required to be performed as the data needs to be on a specific format to make full use of it. It can be a hand written content,audio content, Video content, Images, Printed material etc. We use technology for data conversion for speed and accuracy.