IT services

Alfa Solutions

Is an Albanian company with a competence of IT enabled services that incorporates BPO services, Call Center services, accounting services and back office services.

IT Consulting

Our IT consultants can analyze your current IT architecture and help you plan, sketch and design a new IT architecture that will improve your business process management and improve process efficiency, while reducing IT system maintenance and additional overhead costs that arise from inefficient IT architecture models. Our IT consulting and IT architecture planning services have already helped numerous clients improve their IT architectures, and we can do it for you as well!

IT infrastructure implementation

Our IT experts can help you identify, plan and implement the most appropriate IT infrastructure for your business needs. Whether it’s an IT system, IP telephony, computer hardware, software or a combination of all, we can help you find the right solution at the right price. On top of that, we can use our recruitment channels and to help you recruit employees with highly specific employee profiles. In case you’re considering outsourcing your IT support for the time being, but foreseeing a possibility to implement an in-house department in the future, we can even serve as your outsourcing partner until you’re ready to set up an in-house department, at which point we can offer you the possibility to buy out your service team, fully trained prepared for work, with or without the IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing

In an age of 24/7 digital connectivity, cloud computing gives businesses the capability to engage with their employees, customers and other stakeholders around the world. Cloud computing also allows companies to take advantage of mobility and big data analytics, setting them on the path to transformation and success. By storing all relevant business information and programs on the Internet, instead of computer hardware, your company can reap the benefits of cloud computing. Besides circumventing challenges of infrastructure cost, legacy software and hardware, and data storage constraints, the convenience of quick, anytime, anywhere access will immensely boost productivity. Our cloud application development services assist in reducing costs and propelling your business forward.

Social media integration

Social media platforms offer vast marketing and customer base expansion possibilities for those that know how to use these platforms to their advantage. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, we can integrate your business into social media platforms and help your business grow, acquire more customers and increase revenue with various marketing and customer engagement strategies tailored to the needs of your specific business.